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Adolph Bolm and
Michio Ito




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Spellings of Adolph Bolm's name found in his papers:

Adolph Bolm
Adolphe Bolm
Adolf Bolm
Adolph Rudolphovich Bolm
Adolph Rudolph Bolm
Adolph Emil Bolm

According to Helen Caldwell in "Michio Ito, The Dancer and His Dances", ©1977, University of California Press, Berkeley and Los Angeles, CA:

(p.61) "In early summer, 1917, Ito joined Adolph Bolm in a company known as Ballet Intime for a tour of East Coast cities on behalf of war charities."

(pp:62-64) "Ballet Iintime company at the Belasco Theatre, Washington, D.C. 1917 ... Richard Herndon, Mrs. Bolm, Michio Ito, Mary Eaton, Charles Girffes, Roshanara, Adolph Bolm.

... After a tour of other cities, Ballet Intime ended with a two weeks engagement at the Booth Theater in New York City. Griffes was a member of the company as composer, arranger, and accompanist; and from his letters, it appears, he thoroughly enjoyed the tour."

(p.170) "Maisel, Griffes, p. 231. It might be noted that Ito's friend and colleague Adolph Bolm used this technique [movement of singers and choruses for an opera]in his production of Coq d'Or for the Metropolitan Opera; for description and opinions of the presss, see Current Opinion (April 1918), p. 255; cf. Griffes' letter in maisel, Griffes, p.231."

(Appendix) "

August 20 - September 3, 1917, New York: Booth Theater, Ballet Intime, Choreographer, dancer, Sakura-Sakura (arr. by Griffes), Sho-Jo (arr. by Griffes)


1917 - Debussy, Golliwogg's Cakewalk

1917 - Griffes, Sho-Jo (Spirit of Wine)

1917 - Female Demon, Japanese melody

1917 - Fox Dance, Japanese melody

1917 - Sakura-Sakura, Japanese melody arr. by Charles T. Griffes

1918 - The White Peacock op. 7 no.1

1918 - Ornstein, Wild Men's Dance

1918 - Sawada, Genroku Hanamiodori, Japanese Spring Dance

1918 - Tchaikovsky, A Fable - A Chinese Dance

1918 - Yamada, The Blue Flame (Oto no Nagare no. 6)

1918 - Yamada, Crane and Tortoise, Tsuru Kame (2 dancers)

1918 - Yamada, Four Seasons in Kyoto, Kyo-no-Shiki

1918 - Yamada, Fukagawa Bushi (popular dance)

1918 - Yamada, Kappore (peasant dance) (3 dancers)

1918 - Yamada, Song of the Plovers, Chidori no Kyoku

1918 - Yamada, Yari no Odori (Dance with a Spear)

1918 - "Do-Jo-Hi", Japanese melody arr. by Lassalle Spier

1918 - "Echigo-Jishi", Japanese melody

1918 - Kembu (Sword Dance)

1918 - Matsu-no-Midori, Japanese melody arr. by Lassalle Spier

1918 - Odori, Japanese melody



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